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Accelerated Courses

Beauty Mark Brows Accelerated Microblading Course


Here is what is included in our Accelerated Course:

         1. Beauty Mark Practice Kit which includes :
  •  1 hand tool
  • 15 disposable blades
  • 5 top pigment colors (5ml each)
  • 1 measuring tool
  • 1 tube comfort cream
  • Practice skin
  • Depth practice sheet
     2. Full Microblading Training Module
     3. Live Model Session (Under Master Technician Supervision)
     4. Final Assessment
     5. Certificate

Our Accelerated Course allows you to learn this highly profitable skill at an accelerated rate. On day 1, you will receive your full microblading kit along with full instruction from our master technicians on the basics of performing this procedure along with information on how to set up your business. With this course, you will have the ability to see a live model procedure on your first day of the class. Giving you the ability to take notes, pictures, and videos of this procedure as a reference for your future procedures. 

Students that participate in this course, normally have some extensive experience within the industry but we have seen students with no experience do well providing this service as well. With Day 2 of our accelerated course, we give you the opportunity to be more hands by working on a live model. We usually require our students to bring their own model, usually someone close to them, a family member or a close friend. If you cannot acquire a model, we will acquire one for you. With the accelerated course, all students are responsible for performing touch-ups for their models. When performing your procedure, our master technicians will be monitoring and informing you constantly to be sure that you are performing this procedure properly. If at any point they feel you need some additional assistance, our master technicians will step in and provide this assistance giving you the opportunity to watch and gain more knowledge from their instructions. Once you have successfully completed your live model session, you will be awarded a certificate of completion for our accelerated microblading course. Don’t miss your opportunity to sign up for this amazing microblading training program today!!!