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Microblading: Hottest beauty trend

Microblading is the hottest trend in the beauty industry right now. Besides making women’s lives easier in the morning, it’s also an alternative for women with no eyebrows at all.  No eyebrows, no problem women can still have the perfect shape, look and thickness they always dreamed of with this amazing procedure that uses strokes to mimic the look of brow hair.

Microblading is also called brow embroidery, feather eyebrows, 3D brows, feather strokes or semi permanent eyebrow tattoo. It’s becoming the must have spa procedure, not only because it will save you tons of time in the morning by not having to draw your brows on and making sure they are even, but also because it will cover little flaws such as a scar on the brow area where the hair might not grow anymore. Microblading can make your brows look totally different or it can enhance already perfectly shaped eyebrows that might just need few “Strokes” to make it fuller and fierce 😉

With so many medical and day spas now offering this procedure it can be very nerve racking to pick a place and know you’ve chosen the right one for your soon to be perfect brows, so a few tips before you make the appointment that will change your eyebrows for the next 18 months :

  • Make sure the spa and the microblading technician are licensed to perform tattoos at the establishment.
  • Search the spa’s reputation online to make sure they have not had any serious mishaps with any client.
  • Check before and after pictures of previous work of the microblading technician that will be performing your tattoo.
  • Make a consultation appointment before your actual procedure date, so you can receive all information you will need before getting your eyebrows semi permanent tattooed.

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