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Microblading Courses

Microblading Academy

Our innovative microblading training program will leave you feeling prepared for every aspect of the business. You will feel confident in your ability to execute a procedure from start to finish as well as promote and manage your new business.

Our program is attended by entrepreneurs from around the world. Technicians from the United States and Canada, and as far afield as Australia and the United Kingdom use our program to learn a new skillset and to start a new business in the mircoblading industry.

This innovative technique is growing fast and demand is increasing daily. Now is your time to get into this industry while it’s growing. The rewards, both personal and financial, are beyond measure.


img  Time to Train

Our one or two day training session teaches you the ins and outs of the microblading business. Giving trainees the skills to become one of the best artists in the industry. Most of our trained artists enjoy the training and our values so much they are immediately interested in starting their own location with Beauty Mark Brows. We build lifelong relationships with our trainees by offering you locally targeted marketing tools to be abundantly successful, and access to our Beauty Mark Brows store which will keep you supplied with our patented Beauty Mark Brows blades and pigments.